Unis//Tours Banja Luka has initiated the football camp project. More than 1,000 children from five different continents and 30 different states took part in the first 9 camps. Many boys who participated in the camp managed to end up as professionals as some of them are now engaged as players at clubs such as Red Star, OFK Beograd, Vojvodina, Študgart, Keln, Bazel, Milano, etc.
The camp work programs are based on modern methods of learning and acquiring football knowledge and skills and we adjusted them to specific age categories and Red Star FC demands and standards. The trainings are conducted twice a day by the best Red Star Youth club coaches. The motor skill testing and morphological measurement are performed in line with most recent methods by expert physicians within the field and are a part of evaluation of each camp attendant. All camp participants are housed at the Bistrica hotel covering full service and meals adjusted to the intensive physical efforts. The boys are being constantly supervised by a physician during the camp training. The camp entails meeting the daily pre-planned activities, from morning room keeping, joint meals and trainings, compulsory resting time, free activities, to evening socialization and scheduled bedtime. Next to the sports segment, the camp is rich in communication, team work, new friendship opportunities, and enjoying the alluring nature of the Jahorina Olympics mountain.

The 350 EUR camp price covers the following:

  • 7 FA
  • Motor skill testing and a detailed test report
  • Physician examination and 24/7 supervision
  • Feet examination by the Novel baropedography method
  • Non-swimmer training and the advanced swimming course
  • Basic and advanced English course for footballers
  • A cable-car tour of Jahorina Mountain
  • Professional Red Star coach training
  • All taxes and insurance
  • Sports equipment with the camp labels
  • A diploma and report from Red Star FC committee
  • Trial period at Red Star FC for ten best attendants


  1.  The parent/guardian fills and sends an online application which is available here
  2.  Afterwards, you will be contacted by a Unis//Tours assistant who will send you a financial estimate and payment instructions
  3.  3. With these two documents, you can place your payment from any bank worldwide
  4.  4. Once the payment is placed to our account, the Unis//Tours assistant notifies you that everything is done
  5. 5. Before arrival to the camp, provide a doctor’s certificate that there are no health obstacles to boy’s playing football. It can be a document obtained from a family doctor, a pediatrician, or sports doctor, and if the boy is already registered as a player at his own club for the current season, it will be sufficient to bring a copy of his registration. It will be a sufficient proof that there are no health problems as this certificate is compulsory in all leagues worldwide
  6. 6. Bring your child to Jahorina at the start of the camp and pick them up at the end


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